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Say Yes to Scholarships Bahamas!


CKT Agency is committed to assisting students find the most affordable niche rated, accredited, NAECOB approved university while not imposing charges or fees for the support.

Our Vision

CKT Agency is an exceptional education consultancy that inspires intellectual growth and lifelong learning. We seek to identify, encourage, and nurture confidence and responsible young adults.

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Our Services

  • Education Consultation FREE

    One on one meetings to help place students with the best college

  • University Application Assistance FREE

    We provide application and direct connection between student and admissions officers. Once the student applies, we then make contact with the school to confirm the application is in the system. Once application has been received, we reach out to the guidance counselors for the student's transcript, which we will scan and email to the school or upload to a secure dedicated link.

  • Scholarship Assistance FREE

    Once all information has been sent to the school we will then assist the student with finding additional funding

  • U.S Visa Application Assistance FREE

    We also help with the Visa Process.

  • Canadian Visa Application Assistance FREE

    We forward you to the relevant people in regards to Canadian Visas.


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